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5 Ways to Stop Worrying

Who is a Worry-Wart like me!? Raise ya hand high ! Literally I can worry about EVERYTHING, and it’s usually the kind of worry that spirals into a whole entire horror movie running through my head. I never knew how to control it, or that it was affecting me so much. I just thought that’s how I was and went about my life. UNTIL I found Mindfulness Work — Meditation and Manifestation. Wow, you CAN actually clear your mind (well… at least create more space), and your thoughts create your world. So we are able to take control over our worry and anxiety and turn it into using our minds for GOOD. It’s like crossing over from the dark side into the light.

Meditation Station:

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Anyone who has read “The Secret“, or done any other type of spiritual or self inquiry work knows that Your Mind Really CAN Change Your World. But putting all these things together. Meditation, Manifestation and just plain awareness of your thoughts is SO powerful. Using all the tools in your toolbox together to change your world !

So here are 5 quick and easy steps to get off the Worry Train and step out into the light.

Flip the Script. As SOON as you find yourself thinking, worrying or creating a major story in your head, STOP and flip the script around. It’s usually just thinking the opposite of what you were just thinking. Focus on what you DO want to have happen instead of what you DON’T want to have happen. Change your negative into a positive. For example: Me, writing and submitting this article. In my head I already started to think about what if no one even reads it, or what if someone reads it and is somehow offended by it and then doesn’t like me because of it, and then tells all of their friends and then more people don’t like me. (You see the spiraling there?). So I STOP and change my view to what I WANT to have happen. One person reads the article and then another and then 100’s and they tell their friends because they got so much out of it and it inspired and has helped tons of people ! Right? How much better is it thinking about that instead. So not only do you get rid of your worry and fear but you are operating on a higher vibe which in turn manifests high vibe things TO you. You are literally creating your reality. YES ! So the next time you notice yourself worrying about something, Flip the Script.Focus on Abundance. Focusing on abundance is just like focusing on what you do have, not on what you don’t have. Kind of like our Flip the Script trick this is similar but with what you are working on. Example: you are worried you don’t have the job that you want, or you can’t achieve it. Instead of focusing solely on that (yes, still go out and interview and hustle and do what you need to do), but whilst you do all those things be GRATEFUL for what you already have. Your current job, house, dogs, friends, relationships, ability to travel, coffee in hand (everything!). Focusing on all those things will allow you to feel abundant. And when you are abundant you attract abundance. So that job will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. Right? They are heading towards the light!Meditate. Ok, here it is. Meditation. You hear about it all the time, you know it’s good for you, but you always have an excuse why you can’t do it (or is that just me?). Was me, until I realized what a positive affect it had on my whole life. Here’s the thing, there is no right or wrong way to meditate. It’s just about sitting still, taking some deep breaths and noticing your thoughts. Your thoughts are always going to be there and pop in. I don’t think there is anyone out there who can clear their mind totally. It’s like when someone says “lamp”, don’t think about a lamp, and that’s all you can think about. So take the pressure off of “clearing your mind”, and just notice your thoughts, acknowledge them and allow them to just be thoughts. Because once you are aware of something, it doesn’t have control over you anymore. And PS: there are about a zillion meditation apps and YouTube videos out there now which are a great start ! 5 minutes a day is all you need to start and open up the space and create access to presence. And when you are in the present moment you can’t worry.Move. Worry is essentially stuck negative energy right? So create a way to physically move that around. Get up, shake it off. Just like dogs do (or other animals, ducks for example) – after they get scared or are play fighting they literally shake their whole bodies and shake off and out all of the unwanted or bad energy. Jump up and down let your arms flail side to side, kick your legs. Dance, do yoga, exercise, go for a walk. Just get yourself up and moving to get that good energy flowing again throughout your spine and your whole entire body.Daily Reminder. Any reminders or practices that you can do on the daily to remind yourself to switch your worry into working for you will get you in the work of doing it without thought. What can you be doing daily (besides meditating), to practice your art of non-worrying? You can leave yourself affirmations or reminders or quotes on your desk, nightstand etc as a reminder not to worry, as a reminder of everything we just talked about. What can you be doing on the daily to stay positive. Is it meditating as soon as you get up? It could be as simple as making your bed everyday to start off on a positive and successful note. Find something that works for you and do it daily. Maybe it’s reading this blog 📷 or following someone on Instagram that has POSITIVE vibes and creates high vibe feelings. Set reminders on your phone ! Journal, write down any negative thoughts that come up so you can purge them. Use a favorite coffee mug, a pen, anything you guys that creates a feel good vibe that you can do or use daily and this is your constant reminder every 24 hours to check back in, be aware and implement your tools.

Let your worry, work for you. If you are powerful enough to create intricate stories in your head and over analyze everything, than you are powerful enough to let that go to work for you and create the best life you can possibly imagine.


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