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Create Your Life

The How to of Dream Life's. How do you create and co-create this dream life that you have been imagining. How do you have control without controlling. How do you stay in the flow, aligned and allow.

Here's a few simple steps that you can stick with.

Let's do the Damn Thing.

1. Get clear on what you want - Sounds simple right? like we should all know what we want... easy ! But fear and doubt can hold us back from even thinking and knowing what we want because we automatically doubt that we can't have its we don't ask. Go with you gut instinct first thing that comes to mind when someone asks you what do you really want out of your life. What do you want to have happen!?

2. Write it down as if it's happening now in detail. ie. "I'm sitting here on the perfectly sunny day, sipping my iced coffee, working on my business emails... " etc. etc. Write it down as if it were a story, in extreme detail. Happening right now.

3. Be Consistent and clear continuously. Keep writing this same thing down every single day. And stay clear on what you want. Don't let that nasty fear creep in. Consistency and Conviction.

4. Trust and believe it now. Believe it so much that you physically feel it, right? You know the feeling, when your heart lights up. Feel it now and act as if it's already happened/ing in physical form.


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