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Dear Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl, you are pure joy and light. You were born with strength. I want you to know you will always have that. You are that. Don't let this world take any of that away from you. Your innocence. Your love and open heart is so pure.

Dear Baby Girl, always know you are loved and enough. You are here for a massive reason, your life has so much meaning by you just being. You were and are a miracle. You have in you the capability to do anything you want.

Dear Baby Girl, love yourself as you are and as you are not. You are you and no one else. Don't ever let anyone else take away your confidence. What others say doesn't matter. You matter. And you always will.

Dear Baby Girl, I hope I do my absolute best to teach you and help you through this life. And there is still so much work to do. You got this. You will have hard times and you will get through them.

Dear Baby Girl, life will be blissful and amazing if you let it. Always let your true innocence and child shine through. Be present and live in the moment. Let life take you where you are meant to go.

Dear Baby Girl, listen to your heart. Let it lead you and stay true to what you believe. Your love is pure and you will always be guided in the right direction.

Dear Baby Girl, no one will have the love for you that I have. And I'm sure you will never truly know that, and that's ok. I will try my hardest with that love to give you everything you need. You will have the tools to take on this world.

Dear Baby Girl, you are strong, healthy, loved, loving, openhearted, noisy, funny, adventurous, serious, observant, eager, determined, resilient, silly, fun, luminous, and exactly who you are. You light up this world.

Always know this. Never lose it. Baby Girl.

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