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Don't let this Time ruin Your Time

Guyssssssss, I'm sure this is not what you pictured doing in April 2020. Losing all your freedom, being scared, staying locked up, having rules and restrictions put on you. Losing your money... time with friends, business stuff. Whatever it looks like for you. Panicky, homeschooling, not being able to get what you need at the grocery store, washing your hands 5,327 times a day and becoming a germ-a-phobe over night.

This is definitely not what you pictured happening. This is not what you expected. Right?

AND don't let this ruin your time. Because you will miss out on more time if you let your mind go into a rabbit hole, spiral and wake up miserable each day. Constantly in your head and not in the present moment ever.

Here's the thing... how many of us have complained about work, wanted time off, needed more alone time with the family. Wanted to be home with the fur babies, learning to cook, food prep, do workouts, take walks.... all these things I am SURE you have said... we have said more than once. And now all of a sudden we have it. So don't let - being stuck in your head ruin the pause and the presence that you were gifted with.

It's easy to be filled with fear and let this consume you. There were quit a few days in the beginning of this where I really went to the bad thoughts. But ... I refused to let this ruin my time. The precious time I have with my 3 month old. The time that she and I will never get back and will never get to spend together again. So I didn't and wouldn't let a virus or anything else take that away from me. I caught myself on my phone, reading, worrying, planning, and totally being checked out instead of being with her. Refuse that. Refuse to let this take away even more of your time.

What you have now, you once wished for.

We all have plans... traditions, things that aren't 'the way they were supposed to be' right now. And how can you make the best of this... to not lose anymore of it.

I challenge you to be with vs being checked out. Be in the moment vs worrying about what's next. Right now and always. Moving forward, learning and growing, spiritually changing with life experiences as your catalyst.

Don't let this time... ruin your time.

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