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Following the Rules

Following “The Rules”. .


Do you have a rule book for yourself? The should’s and should not’s that you “allow” yourself to do. Do you hold yourself back from things? Or tell yourself you need to wait to do something you really want? I’m not ready. I need to accomplish THIS before I can try doing THAT. I have to lose 5lbs before I wear the new bikini. I have to be single for x amount of months before I can date again. I can’t eat that donut unless I do the stair climber for 45mins first.

No, I shouldn't do this because it's not what I'm supposed to do. Society has a time frame and a plan for me and that's what I need to stick by. My career or my business has rules that everyone else followed and did to be successful so that's what I should be doing. I can't do this because it's safe and I can't do that because it doesn't look good.

Sound familiar, at all?

Infertility (for me) brought up a lot of insecurities, rules and regulations and I got my “Rule Book” back out. I can’t do this - or this won’t happen. I can’t drink a cup of coffee or I won’t get pregnant. I have to do acupuncture or my treatments won’t work (and it has to be on a perfectly regimented schedule). *gasp* one time I had to switch my appt to a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday!

I can’t have fun or stop thinking about my goal or it won’t happen. I have to make myself to X, Y and Z before I can play or relax.

Who can relate??

And it’s with anything in life that you are trying to obtain. Career, relationship, baby, marriage, a fitness goal, an engagement. Goals are great !! Manifesting is magic! Creating a plan and holding integrity around it is what motivates us.

Just make sure your “Rule Book” aka. all of your self made rules and restrictions aren’t holding you back from fun, joy, and living in the moment.

I remember my first coffee. The first one I “let myself” have after #IVF was all said and done. A decaf iced oat milk latte from #lacolombecoffee

G L o R i O u S .

If we are holding ourselves back by our own self made rule book, we aren't fully enjoying the life we are given.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! What are some of the rules in your rule book. And are they helping you or holding you back? .

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