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Insert Catchy Motivational Title Here

Yes, I actually wrote that title... it's not the one that came with the template.

Been thinking a lot lately about WHY - and the why things happen. I've done a lot of "why me's" in my lifetime. And a lot of those were recent in the last few years. Dealing with #infertility there were a lot of "why the fuck is this happening to ME!"'s. And in times like these no one wants to hear "Everything happens for a reason". PAHlease. When you are hurting, and grieving and sad and dealing with hard shit, no one wants to hear this. It's sometimes very hard to see the rainbow behind the clouds.

And somehow we get ourselves through. Somehow we pull ourselves off of the hard wood floor, drenched in tears, makeup running down our faces. We get up. We take that first step, we stand, WE RISE.

And with this we wake up. We get Woken Up. To life. The why behind life itself. And sometimes one day it just hits us. The WHY behind something happening to us. For us.

"Life does not happen to us, it happens for us." - #TonyRobbins

And there it is.... #cheerstolifeexperience

So grab your beer, step out into the sun and wake up ya'll. Life is happening around you and there is only so much time to soak it up. Stand up, step up and take the experiences you are given to rise and inspire.



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