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Listen to You

How to tune out to tap in.

I've been noticing lately the overload of information that is out there. Like, so much information everywhere we go. Even when you are pumping gas there is a tv with the news on. Facebook, Instagram, ads, ads, ads, signs, billboards, new, news, news, radio, commercials, information overload. Do you feel like you can't get away from it sometimes? And what is truly true vs what's being filtered? And on top of all that it's then everyone's opinions and versions of what they are seeing. So it gets filtered, misconstrued, edited and revised. Do this... do that, you should you should you should. What if, what if what if.

How do you get away from it? How do you protect yourself? We need a sunscreen for media, opinions and unsolicited advice. A BS Blocker.

And it' like that in life... with everything. I noticed with #TTC everyone has an opinion and advice about what you should be doing. #motherhood everyone has an opinion and advice about what you should and shouldn't be doing. #careerchange #bigmove , basically any life decision people always have opinions and advice on what you should and shouldn't do, right?

How do you block it out? How do you get back to listening to YOU? Listening to your own inner guru. Listening to God, to your angels and guides. Listening to your heart and what that tells you to do. Because that's the only opinions and advice you should be truly listening to. So how do you tune out to tune in.

  1. Meditate. I know I know I know... I say it all the time. And I get it. Meditation can seem overwhelming when you are new and even when you've done it for a while. Who wants to sit still! I have a hard time doing that even when I'm watching a movie... or sleeping. But you can start out slow, a little at a time, a little a day and you will be able to build. Build a daily practice. My fav trick is to set the timer on your phone - 3 mins if that's all you have, and then just let yourself be still and quiet with your eyes closed. No pressure, no expectations.

  2. Journal. Writing down your thoughts. When you are in the process of a big life decision or needing some answers on something, journaling is where it's at ! Dump your brain onto the paper. Whatever comes up, write it down. No matter how silly or embarrassing it seems (you can always burn it later so no one ever sees it) : burning also helps with getting rid of any energy around the thoughts. So get to it. Grab some blank paper and get to work. Start out by writing.... "I don't know what to write or where this is going but I'm thinking.... I'm feeling..." etc.

  3. Feel. Let yourself start to feel feelings in your body. The mind body connection is a crazy powerful thing. Your body will let you know when something doesn't feel right. Your body will let you know when something is the right decision. Get used to tapping into this. Notice sensations that come up when you think about the thing - your life decision, a person, a job, etc.

  4. Signs. Start to ask for and look for signs. Start asking God, the Universe, Jesus.. whoever it is you talk to 'on the reg' to give you some signs. Ask for a specific sign! Get detailed in what your question is and what you are seeking an answer for. And dial in the specificity of your sign. A cardinal, a small white butterfly, a tiny green snake, a pink sparkly heart, a four leaf clover. What is the sign and what question is it answering, AND when do you expect this sign to show up? Ok... go!

  5. Trust. Learn to trust yourself. You do not need validation from anyone. I repeat you do not need validation from anyone. Seeking validation only shows you that you are not fully confident in your decision or yourself. Trust that your own intuition knows better than anyone else does. Someone else saying "yes, that's a great idea", might feel good but it doesn't necessarily mean you made the right decision or are on the right path. Trusting your heart, will.

Each person's journey is their journey. There are going to be mistakes and second guessing, but along the way you get to know, love and respect your own inner guru. Trust her. She's pretty f*cking smart and she knows what she's doing. xo

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