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Loving the Journey

If you don't love the journey, you aren't going to love the destination. We've all heard this right? Fall in love with the journey not the destination, blah blah.

So when we fall in love with having instead of doing we will never be happy. We will get there but then the next thing will be on the list to get and we'll be stuck in the journey part of it all over again. Everything is fleeting and nothing lasts, so having something will not create happiness because that thing doesn't last. Truly we are attached to feelings and not things.

We get so used to having it done and having it now that we miss out on how we get there. And we become focused on having it, whatever 'it' may be. We get attached to having instead of doing. So what will it take for you to truly make this happen? Because once we do get the thing it's still going to be hard work right? And if the thing isn't where the happiness comes from, it's the feelings that the thing creates then indeed we need to fall in love with the feelings that the journey creates and the work itself, not the thing.


All the good things in life take work. Having kids; we want it so badly and some of us have to work really hard to get there (hi, #ivfsisters !) and once we do we love it AND it's still hard. We worked our lives to have the career of our dreams and when we doing it, it's still takes work. The marriage; it's what we wanted and we are happy (hopefully!) AND it's still hard work. So if we are attached to the idea that when we get to our destination we will be happy, then we are never going to be happy until we get to the final destination, right?

Love the journey, the work, the process, the challenge, the 'getting' and 'doing' part of life and you will find you will love life. You will find that you enjoy what you get and have just as much and much more when you finally get to the spot that you thought you wanted to get to.

If you are constantly trying to get through life, how do you live life and love life, right? So get to getting on board with the journey part of it, the hard part of it. Because if you don't love how you got there how are you going to love being there.

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