Moving Meditation - Friday

Because it's Friday and ImamakeTHISAthang

Anything we do... can be a meditation if we do it mindfully ? Right? Is that a Word? Doing daily tasks, living our life... if we are doing it completely aware, mindful, present, WOKE then it's a meditation... or can be a meditation. A moving one. The practice of yoga is a moving meditation. Washing the dishes can be a moving meditation. If you are fully aware, not thinking about all the 5,326 other things you have to do, or replaying a conversation in your head.

Have you ever done something... and then forgot you did it? Or driven somewhere and then got there and were like "oh, damn, I don't even remember that drive"? Because we are so good at zoning out. Listening to music, headphones in... podcasts, TV, there are even screens now at the gas station so you can zone out while you pump your gas.

And there ya go... pumping gas can be a moving meditation.


It's so easy to check out.

Get distracted.

Distract Ourselves.

Zone out.


And no one 'has time' now (they say), we want to quick easy fix. We WANT to multitask. Well... start doing the opposite of multitasking and get present. Create meditations for yourself throughout your day. Pay attention. What color was the handle on that gas pump? What did the trees and sky look like today? What color are so and so's eyes? Have you actually looked anyone directly IN the eyes lately... ?? - that's a whole-nother post.

So let's just get to it ! Create a moving meditation that you can do daily. Post about it to hold yourself accountable and let's hear how it goes.


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