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Perfectionism. It's a disease. And it's holding you back from life.

NO ONE and no one, NO THING and nothing is perfect. End of story. And what is perfection anyway. It really is in the eyes of the beholder. So why do we let it hold us back. . I’ve been struggling with some dumb stuff lately. And actually it’s not dumb or small, it’s really really important. Because the small stuff ends up being the big stuff because it’s all about our mindset. And a small seemingly dumb thing like posting on Instagram can feed our big mindset. And how we are in one thing is how we are in everything. How we show up for the small stuff is how we show up in the big picture of life. . . I’ve been working on branding, coaching, marketing and trademarking... and realized I was getting so caught up in being perfect. Having the perfect photo - words, colors, brandish look. . . And then I realized I wasn’t showing up ! Because I was waiting ... waiting until things were perfect. Ready. Until I was in a better place, felt perfect, felt ready. Felt like I had it all together.


Well News Flash, I'm NEVER going to have it all together. Neither are you. No one's perfect. Remember perfect doesn't exist. And neither does "being ready" - that's a lie. Consider you ARE ready now. There is no waiting, there is only doing. There is no trying, there is only doing. And by not doing... and waiting and waiting til it and everything is perfect, I'm holding myself back. And I'm holding others back by waiting on sharing my vision and mission and words. With or without the 'perfectly imperfect' pictures. . . Are you holding yourself back because of perfectionism? Are you not doing the things in your life that you want to be doing because of wanting to be perfect?? . . Ways perfectionism is stopping you in your tracks ie. ME.

I can’t write and post on my blog because it’s not perfect yet. I can’t wear those jeans because I still have a pooch from my Csection. I can’t go on that vacation because I have to make it so far in my career first. I can’t to this ... because things aren’t perfect yet. I’ll start that business when the time is right, I won’t tell this person I love them because the situation isn’t right ... etc etc. We could forever add onto this right !?


Having a clean organized house is great, but having a baby and two dogs is more fun and full of love, (oh... also a Hubs who makes things dirty). Having a steady income is great but not as amazing as working for yourself. Having perfect makeup and put together outfits is great and all but not as cool as getting more time with friends. Having a clean car with less miles and not going over your lease is 'adult of you', but not as fun as the road trip. Ya feel where I'm going with this. We bring perfectionism to a lot of things. So watch out for it, it can hold you back. . And, it will hold you back from living your life. It will rob you of joy. It will take from you experiences that you want and you’ll never get to have if you let it make you sick. (Yes and that’s a little dramatic but you needed to hear it that way). . So go DO THE DAMN THANG !! . It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect. Because guess what sister, it’s not perfect and you are not perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist. You my love are authentic, and Real, perfectly imperfect and really fucking powerful !!


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