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Quarantine Craziness

We got this, you guys! WE GOT THIS.

One step at a time, one day at a time, moment to moment.

I recently spent 22 Days, 22 Hours and 43 Minutes in the Hospital (and the only reason I know the exact amount is because they tell you when you 'check out') - or whatever it's called when you leave. ANYWAY>>>>> I was in St Luke's Allentown Labor and Delivery with a high risk pregnancy situation. Going into it, I knew I'd be there for the long haul so I mentally prepared myself as much as possible.

This... this is different. This is: plans getting derailed, this is events getting cancelled, jobs lost, time with loved ones lost. It's like life just stopped - for most of us. Stores and businesses were left the way they were, people were left without answers, without a plan and without TP.

So what do we do !?

We keep living... we keep doing the work. We keep getting up everyday excited about life. We keep meditating, loving, writing, reading, working if possible... eating, sleeping... and pooping. Life goes on. Life always goes on.


It's a bummer for sure. And being mad, upset, scared, sad -- having all the feelings is OK. Whatever you are feeling is OK !

AND what can you do to help your mood. Here are a few things that helped me... hope they help you too.

1. Create a routine for yourself in the mornings. It doesn't have to be crazy, like if you were heading out of the house for work. Make it fun and something you'll look forward to. Get your coffee - but don't just 'do it'... pay attention to doing it, sit and enjoy it.

2. Get outside ! I wasn't able to do this during my jail time... but I can imagine it would have helped. Get some fresh air ' blow the stink off ' - quote from my Dad. Get some light on your bod, or rain or snow or whatever it is. Bundle up, put on your bikini and your sunglasses wherever you are and whatever the environment calls for.

3. Meditate. - I know, I know. You are tired of hearing this. But listen. Just be still, get still, and listen... listen to your body, your surroundings, and allow yourself to just be.

4. Dance Party. - turn on some tunes and dance. The end.

5. Have a great conversation with someone. - *important* end on a positive note. - at least once a day call someone, or talk with the people you are quarantined with and have a GOOD conversation. You know, the kind about life. The kind where inspiration is sparked and

6. Do something productive. Do some spiritual work, do some house work, do some work work. Whatever it is that you can actually accomplish something and makes you feel like you can check something important off of your list.

7. Be happy when you go to bed, and excited for the next day.

8. Surprise and delight. - I LOVE these ! - basically doing something for someone else with expecting nothing in return and making it a total surprise. (Disclaimer: this is a Lululemon term - I did not coin this). Friends, strangers whoever. Examples would be sending someone a care package. Paying for the person in line or the drive-threw behind you. Leaving a positive affirmation on someone's car. Tipping extra. There are a ton of things to do and I'd love to hear any of your ideas ! I get it though... it's hard right now with social distancing, but I'm sure you can come up with some great ones.

Alright ya'll - get after it and I wanna hear. xo


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