The Best Advice: don't listen to anyone else's advice.

Overwhelm. We are in a world right now where we have information ALL around us, constantly and consistently. It never ends and never stops. Noise. An overload and overwhelm of advice. Information. Should be doings. Buy, buy, buy. I have all the answers.

When the only person that ever has the answers is you. Your heart. You are the only one that knows what's best for you and what's best for your journey. You are the only one that's guided down this specific path. You are a unique contribution to this word in your own individual way. So if you are following someone else's way, how does that work?

If I learned anything (which I definitely learned a lot, not just one thing) from #infertility and #ttc it was do what works for YOU. Find what you are comfortable with and what aligns with your heart and do that. Because if you are listening to someone else's advice or following their way, it's not your way.

Anyone heard that #TTC advice "Oh, just try to relax, it will happen." THANKS! What works for one does not work for all. And that goes for all areas of life. Working out/ diet/ fertility/ motherhood/ life.

Do this, don't do that. This worked for me, don't try that, stay away from this.... etc. etc. etc. It becomes so overwhelming and confusing that we forget we have our own heart to listen to and we begin to feel disconnected from that. We tap out of us and tap into everyone else.

So how do we keep the connection with ourselves so strong that we are an energetic force blocking out all the unwanted opinions?

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