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The Clear Cut Path

Doesn't exist.

We all have ideas in our mind of what we want and expect our life to look like. And what we want by a certain age or time frame. We model off of what we are told we 'should' want and have. What we 'should' do. That it has to be a straight clear cut path. That we can't change our minds. That we have to not make any mistakes or hit any road blocks or side steps.

We often think we have it all figured out and that we have to have it all figured out. And isn't that the thing about life. You just have to live it. You don't have to have the answers you don't have to have control. To predict. To know.

One of the definitions of spirituality is : always come from a place of not knowing. of being curious. of learning and growing. Not having the path laid out before us, but taking each next step, one at a time. Trusting, knowing and being guided that it will be laid out before us. Just in divine timing.

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