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The Great Awakening,

and so it begins...

Maybe you've heard about this a little, maybe it's all new to you. Maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about. Either way it's happening and it's coming. To a town near you. And actually to you. Yourself.

Politics aside - because that has everything and nothing to do with it all at once. What is going on right now and happening is bringing up a lot in a lot of people. Like I said, whether you realize it or not.

It all comes down to connecting with YOU, your truth and nothing but. Not what society tells you, not what anyone else tells you, not what you are told. It comes down to you being able to and creating the ability to tap into your own power and connection. The Great Awakening.

We have become so reliant on what other people tell us, expect of us and need from us that we forget we are the ones in control. We are the ones who 'hire' those above us. And no one is above us. We are free. A free country and free souls. We get to run our own lives and we are in charge. So tap in.

Buckle up, strap yourself in, and get TAPPED IN.

God, The Universe the higher power (whatever YOU personally connect with and what that looks like for you), you are part of that. The creator created you, and in turn you are then part of the creator. And have a great ability and responsibility to live out that higher power. The higher power because you are it.

We have been stifling religion and spirituality for so long. Ignoring it as if it is not important. Taking God out of things. Not putting 'spiritualness' first. Instead focusing on success, materialism, stress, over exerting and hurting ourselves. When in truth, the closer we are to our spirituality the healthier we are. Dis - ease, leads to disease.

Side note... spirituality doesn't have to look a certain way. You can be extremely successful, abundant and make a lot of money and still be a spiritual person and still be connected to God and the higher power. This power wants us to be happy and abundant. The limiting belief that money is greedy or money brings corruption is another 'societal creation' that was made up to stifle you and not allow you to live your best life. Again... watch out for these things. Watch out for these self limiting beliefs that were given to us by society and the people that WANT us to be self limited. ... you see. ??

Ok, back to it. When we are connected, aligned, and living our truth we are at our best. We are able to obtain abundance. Life comes to us, life happens for us. This is our birthright to have this and all the things. This is our right to do this work.

So what is this great awakening?

This is you waking up to your truth.

This is you waking up to your authentic self.

This is you doing the work.

This is you owning your shit.

This is you acknowledging what's real.

This is you taking accountability for your life.

This is you realizing what's real.

This is you realizing what's important.

This is you setting up boundaries.

This is you showing up.

This is you knowing what you want.

This is you knowing how you want to show up.

This is you standing as your authentic self.

Things are shifting one way or another. They are moving into something greater, bigger better and different than ever before. The earth, the universe, the energy. The way we need to show up in the world. Is. For. Sure. Changing. Shifting into a whole new way. And if you are not on board with making changes, doing this inner work and showing up authentically, you are really going to feel it. It's going to get super uncomfortable. You are going to get stuck.

Nature shifts and changes. Over time, over the years. Things evolve. Plants, animals even the core and rocks CHANGE. They adapt in order to survive. Read again: adaptation is needed in order to survive. As do we since we are part of nature.

We are being pushed to our limits by government. Controlled. Forced. Locked down. Silenced. Masked up. We are being stifled by society. Must do this. Have that. Be like everyone else. Shamed. Forced to walk on eggshells with everything we say or do. Squeezed to our core and drained out.

A Reset.

It's gonna fucking hurt. It's going to be hard. It won't look pretty, feel good or be nice. This is work. This is breakthroughs, breakups, rock bottom, transformations, tears, pain, fear, tearing down walls, messiness, busting open your heart, relationships and your life as you once knew it. Life as you knew it is gone. Let's just get clear on that. And if you're not on board you're going to drown. If you don't have wings you are going to crash to the ground. If you aren't building your wings already on the way down, you don't have time to mess around.

That saying... 'how you are in one thing is how you are in everything' is really going to mean something now.

It's looking at every little thing, relationship, incident (past and present), conversation, connection and way of being with a microscope. It's getting clear. Getting clear on what you want. Getting clear on your thoughts your goals and how you want to show up for the world. It's looking at what you want your life to really look like, be and feel like. It's looking at the details. It's getting really really real and raw with yourself and your feelings and emotions. It's your past coming up, resurfacing. Like, a dead body in the corner of your room that you've been ignoring for the past few years. Yeah... like that. That apparent and that smelly and disgusting. Your past, your childhood. All the secrets and dirty little lies you've been telling yourself for your whole life. All the things that you've been ignoring are going to come up and come out. So you better get armored up to deal with them.

And just like... what's going on with the mask wearing and the silencing of our voices and our social media accounts and the truth. Taking your temperature on your third eye space. Leaning into and towards communism for the sake of 'safety'. And all these other things that I won't get deep into because again, what's real and what's fake. What's being censored and what's being brainwashed and thrown in your face because of 'facts', science, and fact checking. This ALL plays into everything and all of it.

Now is your time to show up from your gut. Your instinct and what your inner knowing is showing. What your inner truth and heart is telling you. Where is your heart leading you. Not what the media, or anything else is telling you you should be doing. Or a side that you are supposedly supposed to be on because it looks good or it looked goo in the past. Wake up. This is your concern for looking good. Being or not being shamed. This is your shame and fear showing up big time right here.

And now more than ever before we need you. You need you. You need to tap into your truest, clearest, most authentic and healed form of yourself. Your light beam of authenticity that connects with source. That ONLY you know how to get tapped into. Only you know how to clear out the crap, the dead bodies, the skeletons and the fucking dirty ass stuff you no longer need.

You need your 5D vibe in order to thrive. And maybe even in order to survive. Access her. Bring it, show up, level up and shine.

Get ready friends, because it's coming.

You are becoming. ...

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