The Pause Between Breathes

It's the pause between breathes where life happens. Where moments happen. Where the fleeting feelings come and go. The quick stomach pang of excitement. The quickening of a heartbeat being caught off guard. And being so connected that you are truly living and not noticing yourself living. The moments so sacred that even a photograph couldn't capture, because that means it's observable. And this is beyond noticing, this is feeling and being. Being so caught in the moment it's as if time doesn't exist. There is a non-existence of self and body and only being can co-exist with this. The Pause.

Where life truly happens. And you forget about all and everything else. You forget about naptime and mealtime and you are caught together in love and oneness. You and your child. You and your partner, a parent. A moment with a friend. Existence without thought or word when you are both in synch.

And alone. The feeling of life and breath being taken away. As if jumping into a cold lake, that sudden feeling of existence and nothing matters except you being one with a whole. A whole thing. The realization that you don't matter and you matter all at once. The fact that you are a part of something much bigger and greater than yourself.

As if looking at the world without you in it. As if being here without actually being here. It's the pause between the breathes. It's the moments between the moments you expect. It's living life without realizing, figuring out, controlling or changing.

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