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Toxic Waters

Toxic Waters

There's a lot of things out there that are toxic. Foods, exposure to electromagnetic activity, wi-fi, chemicals, plastics, fumes, radiation, makeup, hair products, cigarettes (including second hand smoke), medicines, synthetics and a long laundry list (oh yeah, laundry and things we wash our clothes with, dryer sheets)... the extension goes on and on.

One thing that doesn't always come to mind right away is people. People can be toxic to our vibe, energy and mood. Draining the life out of us and sucking away our energy for themselves. Sounds dramatic. We've all been there though, when there is someone or a group of people that we hang out with that when we leave we feel worse. Questioning things about ourselves, left with a sticky gross film of word vomit all over us.

Someone once told me to NEVER let anyone lower your vibration. Nothing is worth that. And this is true... AND how do we go about doing this, and creating an positive energy condom around us, blocking out all the negativity and unwanted puke. There are some people that are going to be around us, that we can't physically remove ourselves from. Right, we can stop eating processed foods and use products that don't have chemicals in them but how do we detoxify from a friend, coworker or family member who is pulling us down and dirtying up our clean space?

I've seemingly and unknowingly struggled with this for years. As I am a people pleaser and have a hard time just saying back off and fuck you, for fear of not being liked and not looking good. And yes I have said those things plenty of times, however that's not exactly the best tactic. The way I see it is, like gills on a fish filtering out what's unwanted and un-needed. You have to swim in some toxic waters and there's never a way around that, so develop and strengthen your gills. This takes practice.

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