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You can't F*ck it up.

If you are aligned.

Consider, If you are aligned, you can't fuck it up.

Let me explain... the Universe wants you and needs you. God needs you. The world needs you. You were put here for a reason. At this time, in the place where you are, who you are surrounded by and what you are given. You are exactly where you are supposed to be for a reason. You have a life to live and it looks exactly like - being you.

And when you are aligned with your purpose, you don't need to 'figure it out', you don't need to know the 'how', you don't need to second guess, to go over the 'what ifs', you just need to be you.

Take the action. Do the thing. Be yourself.

Consider, this is all you have to do in your life is just be you.

I'm not one of those people who can do this naturally. Can anyone? We all have self doubts, fears, needs to look good and be right. Afraid to fail, to lose, to not be liked, to be talked about. The things that get in the way. The ego.

What holds us back from our dreams, holds us back from freedom and from peace. Riding on autopilot and just getting by is not truly living

What's the saying... everyone dies, but few truly live. Which one are you choosing to be? Which one are you choosing to do? Because it is your choice. Show up. Be your authentic self.

White tank, ripped jeans, boots and beers and listening to country music.

Whatever it looks like for you. When you are aligned what does it feel like. It doesn't have to be in a certain moment or doing a certain thing. It can FEEL like that, but it's more like the connection. It doesn't have to be I am aligned when I am doing yoga, it's more like: I am aligned when I'm in the feeling of doing yoga. Create the feeling, the connection, the alignment. You know that heart feeling. When you know, you know.

That is alignment, and when you are in it, you can't F*ck it up.

So what does it feel like when you are aligned? Showing up BIG for yourself. Authentic, fearless and free.


Journal Exercise : Think about yourself when you are in alignment. What are you doing? Who are you with? What are the feelings that you have in this moment right now?

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