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You Don't Need Permission

You don't need to wait for someone to tag you and give you permission to feel good about yourself, to post a black and white photo. To feel sexy. To make money, to want to be successful.

We tend to down play ourselves as women as to not over shine anyone else. To not make anyone else feel bad or feel not good enough. Because really do we not feel like we are enough, ourselves?

You don't need to be asked, to be told it's ok to want things. To want your dream life. It's ok to want a baby and do everything that it takes to get there. You don't need anyone's opinion or judgement towards why you are doing IVF.

You don't need to hold back from looking or being strong. You don't need to be told it is alright to want a husband and still be a strong single woman. You don't have to choose between the career and the family.

You don't need anyone else's opinion on the business that you want to start, especially anyone else who hasn't been there. You don't need a reason to change your mind. You are allowed to have the business, have the side hustle and have any job you want to have. Whether I say so or anyone else says so.

You don't need the certifications, trainings or programs unless you want them. You are the one with the answers on your own life. You are the one that can connect with your own heart and intentions and know what you want and are meant for. What you are put on this earth for.

You don't need to compare yourself to anyone else. No other Mom, no other woman, no other person whether they do or don't have more experience or unsolicited advice. Comparison kills your vibe. You don't need verification.

You don't need all the followers or any followers or likes to have your post, thoughts, pictures or intentions matter. You matter, no matter what. You don't need your intentions to come from anywhere other than your own heart.

You don't need to play small to be a good person, or to be humble. You don't need to be humble and if you know you are a good person, that's what matters. You don't need to ask to do or get what you want unless it's to God. You don't need to be told, if you are listening, if you are aligned.

You are you.

You don't need permission to be the best badass version of yourself. You don't need anyone else's opinion, judgement or approval to live your best damn life and be authentically you. You don't need anything from anyone any day. You have what it takes, you have what you need.

So go out there and be your f*cking best self you can be, no questions asked!!


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