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1:1 Coaching 

What is it? You ask. 

One on One Coaching consists of working with me privately where I provide tools and techniques so that you can create transformations anywhere and anytime in your life. It's about holding space, and giving assistance and accountability for YOU to create YOUR own self discovery. Yes, that means you are doing the work.


Digging deep into how your mind works and creating transformations and breakthroughs around your self doubts and negative self talk. Holding the space and creating the accountability to achieve your goals. Assisting you in creating the life you truly want to be living. Practicing mindfulness, self awareness and self empowerment that becomes a daily practice to change your life ! 

What is looks like:

One weekly 60 minute phone call. 

Full access via email, texting, voice messaging.

Personalized Meditations 

Accountability to reach your goals.

A Badass Welcome package.   

And most importantly - Life Transformations that YOU create ! 

Create the life you want to be living !


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