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Counting Flamingos

The irony is not lost on me... as I sit next to a flamingo stuffy watching about flamingos on Planet Earth and thinking back to the zoo.

It'a all connected. The timeline of your life and what is going to unfold. So much so that sometimes it seems to all be happening at once. Or Deja Vu where you know you've been here in this exact moment before, because you have.

They are documenting the life of a flamingo, parenthood and how a Mother flamingo uses up all of her pink color while she breeds and feeds a baby. All of her color is completely drained from her and she has to re-build and build back her vibrant pink feathers. Pretty similar to what happens with us as Moms after we have a baby. That full on giving and depletion that we don’t mention or maybe don’t even realize is happening. It happens in nature too… it’s natural, organic and real. If it were the case that we simply lost all our color, then everyone would no it’s ok, it would be more acceptable. Instead it’s hair and sleep loss… weight gain or loss of muscle and the current body that we knew before. And then there’s loss of self and the person that we knew and were before.

Until we fit and unfold into our new role and new life finding meaning and more love than we ever thought possible.

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