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Cut the Perfectionism along with the Carbs

Let's talk about cutting out the 'being perfect', along with the carbs and our new years resolutions this year.

Right there with the resolutions can set you up for the strive to be perfect, in turn setting yourself up for failure. We want to set ourselves up for success! So instead of making a resolution that we beat ourselves up if we can't keep, let's create instead. Create something new, create space, create new ways of being.

The strive for perfect will kill you. Ok, so not necessarily but it will definitely hold you back from living your life.

And it kills your vibe, which blocks your flow and knocks you out of alignment. And it quit literally stops you from doing things.

Consider perfection is a tricky mind game your ego plays to stop you. Keeps you safe. Holds you back from your next self. And let me tel you.. your best self isn’t ‘perfect.’

She is messy.

Perfection will hold you back. You think it helps you. The way your mind tricks you. It would seem that you ‘just want things to be perfect’ therefore you are doing it right. Because when it’s done it will be perfection. When it’s ready I’ll be ready. When this, when that. Creating expectations that can never be met. Because perfect doesn’t exist ! There is nothing that is perfect. Ever. Things always change your thoughts, your growth. So even if something seems perfect in the moment, your thoughts about it later could change and then insert (regret).

Perfection keeps you from being and living in the moment because you are striving for something. Instead of being with what is. Being present. Manifestation comes during ease, flow and being aligned. Things are always changing and energy is vibrating so if you are vibing with it, things will work out. If you are stressed out and striving for perfection ie something that doesn’t exist. You will never feel like you got it or got there. Right? If something doesn’t exist how can you obtain it?

Perfection looks different to other people and to everyone. Someone might think something is perfect while someone else hates it. So if you are striving to find perfection in what others think of you, then you are in for a long road.

JOURNAL : Perfection. Here are some questions to journal on. What does perfection mean to you? Are you looking for a perfect moment that you can experience or look back on? Can you experience a moment that you didn’t plan or see coming that felt aligned and in the moment? Can you experience that if you are worried about it being perfect? Are you looking to do a job perfect? Why? To please yourself or a boss?

So what does it look like when you drop perfection and striving to be perfect?

Messiness. Freedom. Acceptance. Presence. Manifestation. Alignment. Success. Happiness. Joy. Taking risks. Living life. Being fulfilled.


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